Subject:IKS Negh'Var Missing? Romulans Attack?

*** GNN Special Report ***

This just in...

The IKS Negh'Var, flagship for the Klingon Empire, has been reported missing. Commanded by the long-time war hero nI' aj'yo' Shra'Hawk, the sudden disappearance of this particularly potent and important vessel from Chancellor Krotoc's arsenal has no doubt left him in a state of serious concern. Not more than an hour after word had leaked out, an event the Qang attempted to violently suppress through an orbital bombardment of Qo'noS' global news service, the loyalist's defection rate was on the rise again, more than twenty percent of the Klingon Imperial Navy vanishing from action -- leaving Krotoc with less than half of the entire Klingon Defense Force under his control.

Some GNN journalists are suspecting that several small percentages of these groups have not, however, defected to the Brotherhood of Honor; but, local High Council members, instead, who have assumed a near warlord-like role upon several colonial planets.

Nevertheless, at this time, GNN cannot positively confirm this bit of news.

What we can substantiate is an interesting development nearly beyond belief. The IKS Qul'lan, while approaching the neutral station of Hellesport, was reportedly attacked, suddenly and aggressively, by a decloaking Romulan Warbird. Several warning shots were fired across the B'rel's hull, while a broad-band hail message was sent out: the Romulans declaring their support, seemingly, for Qang Krotoc's ailing government.

This new, unexpected, 'boost' has been met with a sharp increase of activity near the Tholian Assembly's border, where not more than an hour ago a long range Tholian Probe -- a known scout class of that empire -- was witnessed skirting the Klingon border. The Tholians are known to currently be in a defense alliance with the Romulan Star Empire. Could the two alien governments now be in cahoots with the Qang's regime?

No one is certain...and tensions, clearly, are on the rise.