Subject:Toq'mar Captured! Loyalist Battle Victory.

*** GNN Special Report ***

Breaking news from the galaxy's leading news service. If it isn't from GNN, then it isn't correct.

News is still sketchy at this time, but GNN has intercepted a flurry of messages within the Klingon Empire that seem to indicate something new and important has occurred.

*The anchor grabs hold of his earpiece, eyes adverting from the camera.*

Stand by...

This just in. The Brotherhood of Honor's fearless leader, Toq'mar, first to declare his outward support for the rebellion against Chancellor Krotoc and to orchestrate a plot against him, has been captured. I repeat, the former qup valna'Duy, Elder Agent of the Klingon Empire, Toq'mar has been captured. At this time, GNN is attempting to learn of his condition. It seems, the Vor'cha Class Battlecruiser he was aboard, known as the IKS chaw' confronted the IKS Negh'Var, flagship of the Klingon Imperial Navy, half-way between boreH and tay'ghoqor. In the ensuing battle, the crew of the chaw' was lost save for Toq'mar, who was beamed off but moments before its destruction.

GNN sources believe this key rebel leader will be transported to veqlargh lojmIt, where Qang Krotoc is known to have made his last stand. In lieu of this news, as well, GNN has learned that the defection rate is dropping sharply. The Qang, who GNN contests is clearly mad, still controls roughly sixty-eight percent of the Klingon navy and four percent of the Klingon Intelligence Force.

Riots have broken out on Qo'noS, citizens demanding the release of Toq'mar with former High Council members, in support of the Elder Agent. As has been common for the past few weeks, Krotoc, himself, remains utterly silent.