Subject:Civil War Erupts

*** GNN Special Report ***

This just in...

All Klingon forces within Gorn space have withdrawn.

Transmissions have been intercepted by GNN and tay'ghoqor that suggest the Qang is feeling the heat of the rebel-lead faction known as the Brotherhood of Honor. Recent polls taken on Qo'noS show a growing support for Toq'mar and those amongst him, while the Chancellor's powerbase consistently dwindles. Already reports are filtering in that over thirty percent of the Klingon Imperial Navy has defected, taking orbit around boreH in support of the rebel's cause: to restore honor and dignity to the Klingon Empire.

Much of the dreaded Negh'Var class fleet still, however, remains in the grasp of Krotoc; whose sudden eerie silence, lately, towards the public has only further eroded at his credibility. Vor'cha and K'vort class vessels are seen regularly patrolling veqlargh lojmIt although their presence appears to slowly be being drained as more and more defect daily.

At this time, the most loyal to the Qang, is the long-time war hero nI' aj'yo' Shra'Hawk, who has been delegated full responsibility of eliminating the rebel faction. Due to the sacredness of boreH many fear throughout the Klingon Empire that the Qang, in his obvious fit of madness, will do something terrible to remove the Brotherhood of Honor in order to avoid harming the hallow planet. Most will not conjecture as to what, but it is clear that time is running out.

The return of his forces from the Gorn Confederation will clearly lend him some support, the question remains, how long he will be able to retain them in his service if he does not crush the rebellion facing him.

Also, GNN has just learned, within the last few seconds, that the Suy'a, the very Merchant Organization that the Qang claims to have been leading the Gorn War for, has renounced their support for him. The Federation embargo, they retort, has cost them billions of credits, and they are placing their support fully behind the Brotherhood of Honor. Supplies and ships have been promised to the rebel organization, as well as mercenaries.