Subject:Hellesport Assassination Update: Assassin flees station!


The viewscreen clicks on to show Roger McDonald in the Hellesport landing bay.  Behind him, you see the massive opening to deep space.  There are a number of Hellesport security officials and random gawkers hanging around.

"This is Roger McDonald, reporting from Hellesport, where the alleged murderer of Sare Jillian has just made a daring escape.  The assassin, appearing from nowhere, shot his way through heavy Hellesport security in the landing bay to a small craft bearing the registry UU Diceco.  He then climbed aboard, and turned the ship's phaser turrets on the Hellesport security troops, forcing them to fall back.  The ship then powered up engines and sped out of the bay, slipping through the gap in the bay doors as Hellesport staff attempted to close them to stop its flight.  The craft then jumped to warp and was lost from sensors."

"Hellesport authorities have informed me that their last sensor reading indicated the ship was headed for Ferengi space at warp 8.5.  Several of Hellesport's officers have pooled to offer a reward of 35,000 credits for the capture of Sare's assassin, dead or alive."