Subject:Sare Jillian found murdered!


The GNN newsroom appears on screen.  Roger McDonald, intrepid galactic reporter, is shown in Hellesport's Main Commerce Area.

"This is Roger McDonald, reporting from Hellesport, where we just learned moments ago that former Hellesport Governor Sare Jillian has been assassinated.  Numerous witnesses saw the murder, and it was caught by station security cameras.  I'm being told that as Sare was stepping out of her quarters on the residential deck that a cloaked figure stepped out of a doorway and fired a crossbow bolt into her chest.  The figure then fled through the shocked crowd, leaving his crossbow behind.  Medical staff rushed to the scene, but Hellesport Chief Medical Officer Marcus Levy pronounced her dead at the scene minutes later."

"Hellesport is under a full security alert with all available officers looking for the assassin.  All departing ships have been stopped and are being searched before being allowed to depart the station."

"The reactions of the crew to the death of their former commander are of shock and grief.  Many have told me that they saw Sare as a mentor, and others told me of their awe at her diplomatic skills."

"GNN will bring you more on this breaking story as it becomes available.  This is Roger McDonald, from Hellesport."