To:*Action-Notices and *Galactic-Enquirer
Subject:'Civil War Upon the Brink

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Reports are still sketchy, but the sanity of the Qang has clearly been called into question with his most recent actions. Not more than two hours ago, the vessels that had assumed orbit around Qo'noS were suddenly attacked by forces loyal to Krotoc, resulting in a bloody battle that left two ships destroyed and several dozen Klingon warriors dead. The sure signs of an emerging civil war...

The former High Council members ships, having been forced to retreat from their orbits, were seen cloaking shortly afterwards, granting them ample time to commence repairs and reassess the situation. Assuming orbit, the flag ship of the Klingon Empire, the IKS Negh'var, surrounded by two Vor'cha class battlecruisers and six K'vort Class Bird of Preys, was believed to have then transported the Chancellor off of the planet's surface. The Negh'var proceeded to enter high-warp, heading to the Klingon Defense stronghold of tay'ghoqor, where an extensive tachion net is known to exist.

At if planned in simultaneous unison, the first attack of the Klingon Empire's War against the Gorn was also launched. The small Gorn colony of G'thar exposed to a barrage of disrupter fire. Unable to defend itself, all four hundred colonists present are believed to have perished. Gorn warships that responded to the attack engaged the massive Klingon battle fleet, and at this time the battle's status remains unknown. There are rumors coming out of the Empire that there may be some action against the Qang as soon as tomorrow in order to try quickly remedy this very dangerous situation.

The only message released by the Qang's loyal aids, was this:

"The War has begun my people. On two fronts it seems, a test on our honor that Kahless himself would embrace. There are those amongst us whose blood is thin and weak. Who cannot stomach the deeds that must be done. They call the slaying of the wretched Gorn barbaric, dishonorable, atrocious. I call it necessary. Many of you may doubt the sureness of my mind following these events. Some of you have even called me insane. If I am such, I do not know it. The Suy'a have promised me their support, and those within the High Council who still remember their place would be best do so too. I am Qang Krotoc, I have brought peace to the Federation, trade and glory again to the Empire, betrodden by the Dominion. Do not doubt me now...but revere me...for my way is the only right way."

This has been a GNN special report.