Subject:Imperial Statement:

The Klingon Empire has reviewed the events of the past day and has decided that they have made an error in their actions regarding the Romulan Empire, the Federation, and the Orions.

After reviewing the data from the battle, the Military Council has decided that several factors contributed to mistakes regarding the current situation.  Miscommunication and lack of action by the Federation has resulted in the destruction of the wrong vessels.

It has been determined that the RSE were the aggressors in this situation, they broke the Treaty of Algernon, entering UFP space and assaulting a neutral Ferengi vessel.  The Federation /greatly/ complicated the situation by not giving the Ferengi vessel protection and not taking action against the Romulan incursion.  The final orders to engage the Orion vessel and its destruction were sadly wrong.

The Klingon Empire urges the Federation to take a strong stance against the Romulans who obviously feel they can enter UFP space at anytime.  If this situation happens again, the Romulans will lose more then just one Warbird.

To the Orion Syndicate, the Empire can only admit it made a mistake, but their crew died with honor.  If the Syndicate allows it, the Empire will no longer pursue any offensive action regarding the Orions at this time.  We will, however, defend both our space and the Federation's according to the terms of our Alliance.  If they Orions desire a war, the Empire is more then ready and capable to handle any situations which may arise.

Statement from Imperial Security Force: General Maraq, Supreme Commander.