Subject:[Sanuk: UFP Presidential Address]

From:     Sanuk
To:       Rembrandt
When:     2:14 pm, Saturday, December 08, 2001
Subject:  UFP Presidential Address
The image of the UFP seal is replaced by that of an austere Vulcan approaching a podium.  His expression is, as typical, devoid of emotion.

"Citizens of the Federation, and citizens of our Galaxy, I bid you greetings.  I am Sanuk of Vulcan, President of the United Federation of Planets.   Today, I wish to speak on the series of dangerous events that are occurring along the Klingon-Gorn borders.  I shall not speak in detail of the events, as such has already been done most accurately by our friends in the press."

"Simply put:  The United Federation of Planets will not support a Klingon attack on the Gorn.  The Gorn are not equipped to stave off any substantial attack by any substantial Klingon force.   Such an attack would amount to no more than a slaughter.   In the recent press release, the government of Qang Krotoc states, "We will expunge the Gorn race from our universe."    Such talk of genocide is intolerable.   Not only is this contrary to everything the Federation stands for, it also defies Klingon honor."

"I have personally sent a dispatch to Qang Krotoc, and it has been ignored.   It was my desire to work with the Qang to formulate a solution to the pirate problem.  The combined might of the Klingon and Federation justice systems would have been an effective tool in fighting pirate activity.   It is my belief that the Gorn government would have been willing to assist in this endeavor as well.   However, it seems as if a different path has been chosed by Qang Krotoc.    A path of war that would impoverish those Gorn that it did not kill, thus increasing pirate activity.   I, and my associates, have know Qang Krotoc for many years.  I have known him to be honorable and just.  His recent actions puzzle me.   It is as if he is under some outside influence."

"I am hopeful that the factions of the Klingon Empire that wish to continue along the path of honor will convince Qang Krotoc to follow a more sensible course.  And, if the Klingon Empire continue along a course of honor and justice, the Federation shall continue to support them as allies.   We greatly value our friendship with the Klingon Empire.   However, we cannot maintain such if Qang Krotoc insists on following a path of genocide in a dishonorable battle with a much weaker foe.   This concludes my address."