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Subject:Continued Reports from the Klingon Empire

*** GNN Breaking News ***

Continued reports are filtering in from the Klingon Empire. Just hours ago, in an act of unmitigated insubordination, a number of Houses opposing Qang Krotoc's war against the Gorn Confederation recalled warships under their control from the front, citing the Empire's superiority over the Gorn forces. "A battle with the Gorn is a slaughter, not a war," states Klorgh epetaI' 'eH, former member of the disbanded High Council and long time supporter of both Krotoc and Niv'tek. "There is no honor to be found in the butchering of an inferior enemy." He refused comment on Krotoc's disbanding of the Council.

As of this report there has been no outward response to Krotoc's sudden fortification of the vaS'a' complex, but unconfirmed reports are saying that the recalled warships are taking up station in orbit of Qo'noS. Could this be the beginning of a military blockade against their own homeworld? GNN will provide continued updates as the situation unfolds.

This is Roger McDonald, reporting for GNN.