Subject:Dangerous Times Within the Empire

** GNN Special Report **

Breaking news.

Things are really heating up in the Imperial High Council. Less than twenty-four hours ago, Qang Krotoc, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, was formally challenged by long-time ally Niv'tek in a surprisingly display of insolence. Declaring the Qang unfit and dishonorable, the once-family-friend announced his desire to face Krotoc in mortal battle. Ceremonial d'k tahgs were drawn, and positions assumed, the various members of the Council watching in stoic silence -- an unusual site for events such as these. Indeed, much of the Council appears to be divided over the recent Gorn Confederation War. A relevant number withdrawing their original 'aye' votes for 'nay' votes after some maneuvering by Niv'tek and his supporters against the Qang -- another unusual occurence seeing that Qang Krotoc installed almost every member in the current High Council personally.

The conflict that ensued was, unfortunately, brief, Krotoc proving his superior battle prowess against Niv'tek and knifing him sharply in the side. Those present claimed that the event was strange in that Niv'tek seemed to die much quicker, following the successful blow, than most Klingons. Nevertheless, Judges quickly afterwards declared the battle to be fit and fair. Krotoc survived the challenge unscathed.

Soon afterwards, he disbanded the High Council, erecting a series of barriers to the Vas'a' and stationing his loyal Imperial Guard throughout veng wa'Dich's city and province.

A few whisper in Qo'noS' many streets of the possibility of civil war brewing. And, amidst this sudden unstable climate, the Qang has further agitated things by decreeing the War with the Gorn valid, discarding the High Council's collective vote in the matter.

GNN has received additional news that United Federation of Planet pleas to the Qang to explain his actions against the Gorn have gone utterly unanswered. Even while Klingon ships amass both cloaked and uncloaked along the Klingon-Gorn border.

This official message was issued not more than an hour ago.

"Fellow citizens of the Empire and its allies within the two quadrants. The Klingon Empire knows well of the ties between the Gorn and marauding raids against its merchant vessels. But, more than this, we know well of its close ties to the amoral Romulan Star Empire as well. The Klingon Empire will no longer permit this clear and present threat to its very existence to fester near its border. Rather, we will expunge the Gorn race from our universe and make safe the routes of the Suy'a. This I promise you. Let flow free the blood of war and let flow free the call for battle!"

At this time the Tholians have yet to make any additional fleet movements. GNN, like much of the rest of galaxy, remains unsure just how they, and the Romulan Star Empire, will respond to these developing situations.