Subject:Tholian Fleet Movements


This just in.

GNN and Starfleet sensor modules along the Tholian-Federation boarder have picked up a sudden flurry of Tholian fleet activity just in the last few hours. It seems that the Tholian Assembly is beginning to amass a sizable armada along their upper border, directly beneath Gorn space. At this time it remains unclear exactly what their motives are, and repeated attempts by GNN to contact their central government have gone completely unanswered.

For the last several months the Assembly as been all but silent in galactic affairs, ever since their re-signing of a formal defense alliance with the Romulan Star Empire.

With us we have two of GNN's most prominent strategic analysts: Dr. Tom Bernard and Dr. Mary Sivil, both have some experience in dealing with the Assembly.

*The camera scoots back to grant the audience a wider angle. Sitting to the right of Roger McDonald are two distinguished guests: a trill man and woman.*

Tom: 'Yes, Roger. I was present on Hellesport when the Tholian Ambassador first arrived not more than a year ago; and, even had the opportunity to talk with it. I can't say it was the most pleasant of experiences, intriguing nevertheless."

*Roger leans forward in his chair, speaking attentively to Dr. Bernard.*

Roger: "What do you think the Tholians are currently up to? Can we believe that they might have formed some type of temporary alliance with the Romulan's long-time enemy, the Klingons, in hopes of getting a piece of the Gorn pie?"

Tom: "Unlikely Roger. It's more likely the Tholians are not pleased with the Klingons sudden choice to move against the Gorn. The Gorn and Tholians, although not on the best of terms, seem to be have a stronger bond than the Tholians and the Federation, which the Klingons are well-known allies of. In fact, the Tholians, in their regular state of paranoia, may likely believe the Federation is ultimately behind this aggressive move and are using the Klingons as puppets to remove the Gorn entirely from their side. It is well known that Federation freighters in the past decade have suffered greatly at the hands of Gorn privateers. So, that far-reaching motive is there."

*Roger rubs his chin thoughtfully.*

Roger: "I see. So you think the Tholians may be moving to actually defend the Gorn against any Klingon action?"

*Dr. Sivil cuts in.*

Mary: "Not necessarily, Roger. Like Tom said, the Tholians may feel threatened by this sudden course of action by the Klingons. They may even believe the Federation to be the cause behind it, but I doubt they're going to involve themselves unless they feel they have to. The Tholians just aren't like that. It's more plausible that they are watching and waiting, wanting to make sure the Klingons are going to stop at Gorn space...and not proceed into the Assembly's domain. Essentially, they're being cautious. I wouldn't say it's anything strange for them."

Tom: "I have to agree with Mary. I don't think the Tholians are going to send ships to aid the Gorn. But, they are going to be watching developments very closely."

Roger: "Well, thank you, both of you. I think our audience should have found what you had to say quite interesting, I know I did."

*Roger turns his attention back onto his viewers.*

This has been a GNN special report. Roger McDonald, signing off.