Subject:Klingons Threaten Gorn

** GNN Special report **

Word is coming out of the Klingon Empire tonight of a sudden and disturbing decree issued by the Qang of their Imperial High Council. In a startling move, the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, Krotoc, has called for war against the Empire's southern neighbor, the Gorn Confederation. A small territory, the Gorn Confederation has never been considered a threat by the Empire before. Their occasional practices of piracy have placed them in an unfavorable light, but their culture is considered by many within the galaxy to be an otherwise noble and peaceful one.

Some sources close to GNN news are reporting that the Suy'a, the Klingon Empire's Merchant Force, might have played a hand in this sudden turn of events. With increased trading between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, the spatial nearness of the Gorn Confederation could pose a serious threat to shipping lanes should rogue Gorn increase their marauding activity. The desire for the Suy'a to abate such a threat by completely and totally annihilating the Gorn race would seem like a likely motive for this surprising action.

At this time, the Klingon Government has declined to comment upon the Qang's call to battle, siting that the High Council is still in session, debating the issue. However, at the moment, only a small number of members have stepped forth to denounce the Chancellor's brash proposal, siting concern over the use of the Empire's newly constructed fleet for such an unchallenging, and thus, demeaning war.

It has been well known that ever since the departure of the Dominion from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the Klingons have commenced, under the leadership of Qang Krotoc, one of the largest non-war-time ship-building efforts in their entire history. Over the previous months a great many ships have been churned out of tay'ghoqor's naval yards, granting some concern to the Romulan Star Empire, the Tholian Assembly, and even the Federation itself. The reasons for this great build of Klingon military prowess is now undeniably clear: the Klingons are on the war-path again, bending their aggression towards some new innocent species that deserves not the wrath that is surely to befall it.

This is Roger McDonald, commenting for GNN. Good night.