Subject:Reward offered for information on Horimoto disappearance

*** And now a message from our sponsors ***

The viewscreen displays a cozy-looking livingroom, a fireplace in the background.  In the foreground is a Japanese man dressed in casual attire and seated in a plush chair.  He is looking at the camera.

People of the galaxy, citizens of all factions, I implore you to help me and my family.  My name is Jonathan Horimoto.  Three weeks ago, my daughter Susan was taken from us mysteriously in the darkness of space.  You cannot imagine the anguish my family feels at her disappearance.  We strongly believe that she is alive and that someone, somewhere, knows where Susan is.  The Horimoto family is offering a reward of twenty-five million credits to any person or persons who provide information leading to her safe recovery.  A reward of one million credits is also offered for each piece of substantial information which aids our search for Susan.  Please contact the PanHelles corporate office if you have any information regarding her disappearance or current whereabouts.  Thank you, and good night.

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