Subject:Klingons Lose Valuable Prisoner


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Recent news is still filtering in, but it seems that the internationally known criminal, LoS, has managed to escape from his prison cell aboard the IKS Qul'lan while in transit for trial on Qo'noS. The carrying ship, a B'rel class Bird of Prey, we were told, had departed from Hellesport when the apprehended rogue Klingon's cell suddenly experienced a forcefield failure. The exact details of the escape remain a mystery, the wanted Klingon exchanging fire with guards aboard the vessel after forcibly obtaining a disrupter. Immobilizing much of the small crew of the Qul'lan, the bridge lost track of LoS following an internal system failure, only to find him gone when sensors were restored. It is believed, at this time, that the prisoner took off in a shuttlecraft from the Ferengi-owned station to elude further capture. At this moment his whereabouts are unknown.

Some may remember several months ago a little publicized story within the Klingon Empire of one of their K'vorts being attacked when encountering a rogue Bird of Prey. The B'rel, it was reported, was destroyed after self-destructing, but the captain, who beamed off of it beforehand to a nearby, aiding shuttle, was never apprehended. The Klingon Imperial Guard released, what it believed, to be conclusive evidence, from several reliable sources, that the rogue Klingon LoS was indeed the culprit of this crime against Imperial property. As a result, Intelligence agents and Defense Forces had been notified of his warrant and were actively making an effort to locate him.

It seems, however, that the Klingon Empire is as inept at retaining their prisoners as they are at fighting recent wars. Their inability to keep a single Klingon locked-up for trial further supports this news agency's concerns about the degradation of the Empire's security. Even with their new Chancellor, Krotoc, and the rebuilding of the Klingon Fleet, even with their victories over the Dominion and the Federation, GNN as well as much of the galaxy retain their skepticism about their supposed 'come back.' If today's events are any indication, they are no more organized than before their last war with the Rihannsu. A grievous mistake.

This is Roger McDonald for GNN, signing off.

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