Subject:High-Speed Chase near Sol Injures Five

A shuttlecraft was severely damaged and one person brought under arrest today near Sol in an incident apparently involving a man attempting to evade arrest.

Jay Hart, a Federation merchant from Earth, piloted the shuttle, the SS Destiny. In his escape and the subsequent chase, he launched from Spacedock's landing bay without clearance, injuring four crewpersons.

The shuttle was stopped approximately 200,000 clicks out from Sol by the USS Hood, with Starfleet acting in cooperation with civilian authorities to apprehend the suspect.

"If he would have just been reasonable and lowered his shields when asked, we wouldn't have had to fire," reported Captain Gary Simms of the Hood.

The Hood fired several subspace concussion devices and many volleys of phaser fire to take the shuttle's shields down.

Hart was taken to sickbay on Spacedock and held there before being transferred to civilian holding facilities on Earth.

Names of the Spacedock crewmembers injured were not available at press time.