Subject:Horimoto heiress vanishes en route to Dardanelles


This just in: Susan Horimoto, daughter of Jonathan Horimoto, Chief Executive of PanHelles Interstellar Holdings Corporation and heiress to the Horimoto fortune, has vanished while en route from Hellespride, a PanHelles-owned station in neutral space, to Dardanelles, a PanHelles station near the Ferengi border.  Horimoto was last seen jumping to warp just beyond Hellespride.  No debris or evidence of foul play was discovered along her route to Dardanelles.

Several independent traders interviewed by GNN speculated that Horimoto was killed or kidnapped by pirate forces operating in unclaimed space.  As no empire patrols most unclaimed areas of space, pirate attacks are common occurences and vessels carrying important persons or valuable cargo are strongly encouraged to have a well-armed escort.

A PanHelles spokesman made only a brief statement about the incident, stating that PanHelles Corporation would do everything in its power to locate Susan Horimoto, who is PanHelles Vice President of Aquisitions and Dispositions and also sits on the board of directors.  PanHelles declined to comment about what kind of vessel Horimoto was traveling in, or whether it had a military escort.  PanHelles standard procedure is to move cargo and personnel through neutral space onboard midsized warships, or freighters escorted by warships.

Experts and authorities are mixed on whether the disappearance of Ms. Horimoto is related to the recent mysterious kidnappings of individuals in neutral space.  In all of the previous cases of kidnappings, only one person was taken, and the kidnapping was perpetrated by a cloaked ship using a transporter beam.

This is Roger McDonald for GNN.