Subject:UFP Response

**The screen brightens and you see Fleet Admiral Wallace standing at a podium surrounded by press**
"Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for coming here, there are many things that I must address and clear up.
First, the Ferengi and RSE situation.  For a few weeks, things between the RSE was very sketchy at best due to the incident with SPacedock.  Obviously, I regret the fact that Spacedock did not act quicker than it did.  However, we were dissappointed with the fact that Romulan ships entered Sol attacking another vessel.
The survivors from that Romulan ship were arrested and charged with crimes against the UFP immediately upon their landing on earth.
They were held in brigs while talks went on to organize their return to the RSE.
During this time, Ambassador Horatio and other UFP members were injured by damage caused by a changling that got onto earth undetected.
With our Ambassador injured, our talks with the RSE fell to the wayside.
We are currently re-engaging in talks with them despite the fact that the Dominion has freed the prisoners.
We have no idea what the Dominion wanted with the prisoners or why they are involved...hopefully time will tell.
The UFP also regrets the lack of communication with the Ferengi Alliance.  I tak full responsibility for this as well as the matters I duiscussed prev
I assure the Ferengi Alliance that I will be in contact with them immediately to hopefully clear things up and get back on good terms.
The Federation DOES stand for peace ansd we want to ensure that this peace continues wiith everyone.
I would also like to take this oppurtunity to address the Gobux situation.  I appologized to Mr. Johns, now Admiral Johns and Dr. Evans, now Commodore Evans personally, but I want now to take the time to appologize publicly for our involvement in that terrible mishap.
I errored in my tactical decisions in that matter.
I want to close by appologizing for the latemness of these remarks, the UFP has been going through very difficult times, with the Dominion attacks, the RSE situation, internal matters with the Keiv disaster, and the Ferengi embarrassment.
I want to return the UFP to the status of respect and alliance that it has been known for.
Thank you for your time.  The UFP will be seeing some major changes soon, good changes.
**Wallace smiles and nods as she exit the stage area**