Subject:Interstellar trade, travel hurt by rash of mysterious kidnappings

*** This is GNN ***

A well-groomed anchor, looking smart in his 3-piece Centauri wool suit, appears on screen seated behind an expansive newsdesk.

"Good evening, GNN viewers.  Our top story tonight is the dramatic downturn in the interstellar trade and transportation sectors resulting from the fear provoked by the numerous recent unsolved deep-space kidnappings.  For the story, we go to Roger McDonald, live from Hellesport Station.

A boxed image appears in a corner of the screen, showing McDonald with the Hellesport Main Commerce Area in the background.  The image grows to fill the entire screen.

"I'm reporting live from Hellesport Station, where this usually bustling commerce area is all but deserted.  Normally, there would be thousands of people shopping, selling, trading, and haggling behind me, but as you can see, there aren't more than a few dozen people on the whole deck.  Where have Hellesport's visitors gone?  They're staying home because they're affraid of being kidnapped while in transit."

"In the last 6 months, more than two hundred persons of all species and affiliations have been mysteriously beamed off their ships while traveling in deep space.  Authorities from every faction we've talked to don't have any idea who is responsible, how they're doing it, or why.  Both the Klingon and Romulan Empires, sole possessors of cloaking technology, have vehemently denied that their vessels are responsible."

"So far, no one has had any luck trying to stop the kidnappings, or even figure out who's responsible.  Until they do, it's likely that the current dismal state of affairs will persist.  This is Roger McDonald reporting from Hellesport."