Subject:Hellesport Quite Alive?

Shortly after the Klingon exodus of the Hellesport station, an increased trade has been reported on the station between the Rihannsu Star Empire and the Ferengi Alliance. The two galactic powers, having been in a close trade alliance for years, have often used the Hellesport station as a hot-spot of their traderoute. Recently, this drive has increased... not in a small part due to the absence of the Klingons, which contributes to increased Rihannsu interest.

Hellesport has long been a choice of external trade for the Rihannsu people. Xenophobic and aggressive, the Rihannsu are quite unlikely to allow any trading vessels into their space without scrupulous and often time-consuming inspections. Yet an overwhelming majority of trading vessels are not allowed into the Rihannsu space at all.

The above does not fully include the Ferengi, who due to the Trade Alliance between the two worlds have some rights of entry. Yet even the Ferengi find the limited access non-profitable, and freely accept Hellesport station as a delivery and pickup point to and from the Rihannsu economy.

Long time supporters and often defenders of the Hellesport station, the Rihannsu have withdrawn completely from the station during the Clover administration, which was accused of blatantly breaking the pact between the station and the Two Worlds. In the last years, with the Ferengi purchase of the station, Rihannsu interest in the Binary system surfaced again, although never to the level of the past. Now, even this may be changing, although the increased trade is still far from the official diplomatic and defense pacts that the Rihannsu had with the station. Still, increased trade between two galactic powers means an economic lift for the host, so Hellesport is likely to reap benefits.