Subject:Klingon Exodus of Hellesport

After yet another scathing remark given by the station of Hellesport to Klingon personnel, the Qang, once offered a recording of the troubling incident, has decided that the unfriendly station is no longer suitable for Klingon operations or activity. As a result, an Imperial edict has been issued, approved by the Emperor himself, that all Klingon forces and property are to be removed immediately from that station. Its clear and derogatory bias against the Klingon race, its seemingly ever haughty arrogance over the Empire's honorable soldiers, and its inflammatory remarks, have done nothing but continue to grate at the icy thin relations already existing between the Hellesport management and the ever growing Klingon fleet. Even the Embassy there was ordered to be shut down, all diplomatic aids and onboard personnel ordered to depart immediately.

When one station-vender was asked to comment about the event, he concurred,

"It's a sad day when we welcome the Ferengi and Romulans cordially and we just dismiss the Klingons. Who do we alienate next? The Federation? Maybe Hellesport's management will ally with the Dominion, or something worse...I really don't like the new station commanders at all. All this new security, tightening of free-trade, it's ridiculous! You can't even leave the stupid station unless you ask 'permission.' Yes! Permission, not clearance, but god *bleep* permission. It's just sad. I hear Highland has some shops open for rent...things are picking up there. Maybe that's where I'll go. This place is dead."

The exodus of Klingon property and ships is sure to leave the station more desolate of trade and activity in the coming years. The Klingon Empire, the closest neighbor geographically to the station, has deterred its merchants instead to more hospitable Federation outposts and Highland station. What exact impact this will have on the over all economy of Hellesport remains unknown.