Subject:Bajoran Fund

<The screen fades out momentarily and then opens to the image of a spinning Bajoran symbol.  The image continues spinning as a voice begins to speak.>

"People of the galaxy, the Cardassian Union has dominated the people of Bajor too long.  The first time, they were... Cardassians and outwitted easily by the Bajoran resistance cells.  This time, they have learned, and they are keeping Bajor sheltered from any interference, and stopping any resistance.  However, they are still being Cardassians, and have let enough information slide to show their true intentions.  They are dominating over the Bajoran people, we have no rights in our own homes... we have to escape to be able to live our own lives, to worship how we want, to have even the right to free speech.  This must NOT continue, it must end NOW!"

<The symbol flickers out replaced by the image of a badly beaten child, and as the screen fades out, it begins to play out... weapons fire in the background, several Cardassians march through the street, the child runs off the screen as weapon's fire skims in front of the camera.  Several Bajorans are seen being dragged out of their homes by Cardassian soldiers and either shot or hit over the back of the head with weapon butts.  The image continues, but audio is muted as the voice continues.>

"This is a recording of the first Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, brutal.  I have seen with my own eyes, the same things happening to Bajorans who speak out against the second Occupation... it is for this reason, I give no identification of myself, this transmission has scrambled my true voice, and I will not give a name, nor a image of myself, for the safety of myself and Bajor.  The reason for this transmission, is I am organizing a fund for an independent military action against the Cardassian Union in the Bajoran system.  This message will also serve as a warning to the Cardassian Union."  the voice pauses and then speaks sternly, "Cardassian Union, leave the Bajoran system immediatly, or face the consequences of your actions.  I, and many, many others will not stand for your continued disregard for sentient life and the right of those sentients on Bajor, and dozens of other worlds.  Your days on Bajor are counted... and watched closely... the Prophets will not stand for your hostile actions against the Bajoran people, and I will ensure that they do not last."

<The images of the Cardassian brutalization of the Bajorans fades to the spinning symbol once more.>

"I urge the galaxy at large, contribute to this fund, so that Bajor can once again be the proud, strong world it should be.  No world deserves to be ruled by another under hostile circumstances... whether they be Bajoran, Terran, Klingon, Rihannsu... and although it pains me to say, not even the Cardassians deserve to be treated as they have treated the Bajoran people.  Sentience is a gift to the galaxy, let us not waste and disregard it with hostility."

<The spinning symbol slows to a stop, facing the screen, and it fades followed by information for donations of both latinum and commodities.>

OOC: This is NOT my plot but one of a player/players of HoloTrek. The party wishes to be anonymous, and has ICly taken steps to do so, so I am posting this on the party's behalf. To donate credits (real or virtual), latinum, assets or anything else you wish, you'll need to deposit them into the advertised bank account. OOCly speaking, just contact me with your deposit request, and I'll do the delivery. Thanks!