During the evening news, anchorwomen Sally Tellar reports "A few hours ago, the Cardassian Union sent us a pre-recorded statement in response to the rumored existence of a datapad containing the plans to a weapon that has the ability to destroy entire planets.  Here now, is that recording"

The symbol of the Cardassian Union appears on the screen.  If fades away after seveal seconds.  It is replaced by a middle-aged Cardassian dressed in civilian clothes standing behind a podium.  He begins to speak.

"Greetings, beings of the Alpha Quadrant.  I am Legate Tolar.  On behalf of the Cardassian government, I speak to you in response to the rumored existence of plans for a weapon of mass destruction created by my people's ancestors, the Hebitians.

"I must admit, I am not sure where to begin.  So, I will just say that it is highly unlikely that the Hebitian people, though they were quite intelligent, would create such a weapon.  They were a peaceful, spiritual, people, who thrived on creativity and beauty.  To suggest that they would create such a wepon, iswell, laughable.

"However, we are interested in finding out the validity of this rumor.  If indeed such a weapon could be created, we would all be in grave danger.  If plans for such a weapon do exists, they must be destroyed.

"As for the Hebitian's love of art, they were masters.  We have lost many Hebitian artifacts over the years, mainly as a source of income as a result of diminishing resources.  Now that Cardassia is rebuilding, we wish to aquire what is ours.  Although we would like a weapon that destroys planets he chuckles in a joking manner we will settle for the numerous artifacts and other works of Hebitian art we have lost over the decades.  As a people, we need to rediscover our roots, and the Hebitians are part of those roots.  We would be willing to pat for any authentic works of Hebitian art that was returned to us."

The Legate pauses for a moment, looks down at the podium as to refer to something, and then continues, "Getting back to the matter at hand.  We are currently conducting an investigation into the disappearance of Sapak and his datapad.  Currently, we have no information that is not known by the general populous.  If any governments wish to work with us to solve this mystery, and perhaps in developing a working relationship with the Cardassian Union, contact my government through the appropriate diplomatic channels.  That is all."

"Well, that was interesting indeed." comments the anchorwoman. "Now, onto the sports..."