Subject:Hebitian Echoes

The Hebitian civilization has disappeared from Cardassia Prime a long time ago, but it seems that only now it has an impact on the entire quadrant that has already roused a number of alarms. The vanishing of the archeologist Sapak in the Gorn Confederation some two years ago went without much notice, but the discovery of his datapad made all the news. Now, with the datapad stolen from the black-marketer who attempted to make a fortune of it, the whereabouts of this suddenly famous device are anyone's guess.

It is reported that during his life Sapak was one of the few (if not the only) non Cardassians to study the Hebitian ruins. This privilege is linked to the Romulans, who had presence in the Mansor system during the post-ecological-disaster years of the planet, but that is no more than a speculation. The Vulcan was, however, able to date and identify some of the Hebitian artifacts that were sold off during the military raise on Cardassia. For years now, the Obsidian Order scrupulously re-acquired a number of sold Hebitian artifacts, but there are still many in alien hands. To the Cardassians, this datapad is more priceless than latinum.

But what makes the pad more valuable are the reported schematics of some ancient weapon that has the ability to destroy entire planets. No one has ever spoken of such a weapon, and if Sapak's archeological digs were just a cover for his real goal - the schematics - none of his colleagues and closest friends knew about that. It is more likely that Sapak stumbled on this discovery during his digs... and then mysteriously vanished.

What was he doing in the Gorn Confederation? Are the Gorn responsible for his disappearance? Nobody now seems to care about those questions. The more pressing matter are the schematics for the weapon. Should they fall into the wrong hands...

It is yet unknown whether the reported schematics are skillfully hidden in the Hebitian artifacts themselves, or are a separate program altogether. To the scientists, the first possibility is absurd. The Hebitians were peaceful, spiritual people. But one thing is sure. Whoever stole the datapad is fast. Discrete inquiries into the precise locations where the artifacts are kept have already been made...