Subject:Situation Update

<OOC: Resuming the action on the game, here is the post on current situation.>

The tensions between the ROMULAN STAR EMPIRE and the UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS escalated without warning in the recent months. The Romulans accuse the Federation of running a secretly cloakable ship of the name Oxis. They refuse any diplomatic action, and wait for the actual proof that it is not, indeed, the UFP that owns that ship. No proof given or even attempted, the Galae fleet has built up a significant force on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone for a possible invasion attempt. The Federation answered in kind.

The CARDASSIAN UNION, following a successful and unsettlingly precise chain of actions taken to root out any spying against the Cardassian people looks more and more powerful. While its economy is still building, it is now reported stable, and several independent factions have already utilized that market for substantial financial gains. The recent Cardassian record of success is worrisome to other factions, and their military - Madrasad - is reported to soon rival that of the Federation, if not in technology, then in numbers. Its aggression has not diminished.

The KLINGON EMPIRE, having stabilized its economy at the expense of the Federation (following a trade alliance that is slowing the momentum of the UFP's economy significantly) has devoted most of its earning to rebuilding the fleet. Still not outwardly as aggressive as before, the Klingons are believed to be buying their time till their armada is ready for another conquest.

The FERENGI ALLIANCE has profited greatly from the recent turmoils, having made an agreement with the Federation in the past about access to its trading markets. The FA is believed to have acquired new territories at the back end of its domain, and may be in possession of a device that can reopen the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.

The THOLIANS are silent once again... their economy not tapped yet by any other empire. The size of their fleet is unknown, but while they have never been a major player in any large-scale wars, their exotic weapons make the Tholian ships too much of a gamble to risk a war against. The latest news has the Tholian Assembly in a close alliance with the Romulan Star Empire.

HELLESPORT is prospering under the new Prime Minister Sare. Its Ferengi owners constantly demand new profits and deny enough funding to upgrade the main features of the station. Yet with the increased trade comes a rather more aggressive stance of Governor Sare, who already managed to alienate the Klingons and put the Cardassians on alert. Neither the Romulans or the Federation show any renewed interest in the station.

The MAQUIS, while a shadow of their former power, have renewed their presence. The Jihad cell (once known as the most extreme) is back in force, and currently pestering the Cardassians much more than the Federation. Yet the reported wing of Jihad that secretly operated from Bajor has proven to be false. That planet appears air-tight.