Subject:A Frightening Discovery

Sapak, the Vulcan archeologist of some renown, has disappeared some two years ago while on a private mission in the Gorn space. He was currently studying the location of the sold artifacts of the Hebitian civilization - one of most spectacular ancient cultures in the galaxy, once thriving on Cardassia Prime, millennia ago. During the military expansion of the Cardassian Union, many of the artifacts from the breathtaking Hebitian burrial vaults have been sold or plundered to fund the war effort. A small price, given the alternative... or so the Cardassians claim.

Sapak was, indeed, perhaps the only non-Cardassian to ever study the Hebitian ruins. He has done so after the ecological disaster on Cardassia Prime, descending to the surface of this now barren world in a specially constructed suit. Since it is now known that only the Romulans and some pirates had access to that space, Sapak has been often accused of working for both. Until two years ago... when he vanished without a trace.

While the body of the famous archeologist has not been found, a high-capacity datapad on which he has recorded all this findings suddenly appeared on the black market, in possession of the Y'Ridian information dealers. It is rumored to be complete, with locations of many missing artifacts that the Obsidian Order has not yet managed to retrieve. It instantly started a murderous bid with billions of credits offered for its possession. The winner of the bid was kept anonymous, but before the being could claim his prize, the datapad... vanished.

A frantic search by all opportunistic and concerned parties has begun to locate the missing datapad. For among the locations of what may be the most priceless artifacts of this region of space a code was hidden. The code is supposed to be a plan for an ancient weapon of massive power. Whoever manages to build this weapon will soon rule the entire Alpha Quadrant...

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