As the Romulan fleet has so blatantly allowed their military buildup at the Federation Neutral Zone to be revealed (which is not like Romulans at all), the Federation has responded in kind. Several starships are already staring at the Romulans from across space, and many more are arriving at the border. The Starfleet has still not done anything to discredit the Oxis accusation, but if the military presence is of any indication, war is the reply. Galactic tensions are rising.

What does this mean to the Federation strength over the Demilitarized Zone? Time only will tell. The Cardassians are by no means staying silent, having destroyed or captured (depending whose version you hear) a B'rel in their space and having rooted out a possible Federation spy on Bajor. Their fleet is also prepared, although no moves have been made yet against their one-time enemy.

Yridian traders have also brought information of communication between the Tholian Assembly and the Romulans... the two alied powers definitely keeping in contact. Those communications, however, have suddenly stopped.

Not much is known about the Klingon Empire at this time, but their warrior stance may surely bring them into any war that can follow. It appears that only the Ferengi are keeping their reclusive peace, and are sure to pick ripe profits, if they manage to stay out of any wars. And the Dominion? Perhaps they were just a rumor, after all.