Subject:Invasion Fleet

Without much ceremony and at an unsettling pace, the Romulan Star Empire has mobilized a large fleet outside the Neutral Zone with the United Federation of Planets. As usual, the actual number of ships is impossible to count, but the flurry of coded Romulan communications traffic has increased severely in that area.

The Romulan Galae - the fleet of the Empire - makes no contact with anyone and as usual, any attempt to communicate with it are met with complete silence, or active discouragement. It is believed that the Empire has mobilized an invasion force, in response of the Federation's lack of action to Romulan allegations.

The Federation was recently accused of secretly using a vessel with a cloaking device that matches UFP frequencies. The diplomatic explanation of the ship having been stolen by a criminal organization falls on deaf ears, as the pact between the two governments specifically prevents the Federation from making any cloaking technology, so such theft would have been impossible.

Finally, the Romulans - as always - seem completely oblivious to any diplomatic words, taking the open asurance of peace and good will as an insult. Their call for action has been met with none. An invasion seems imminent.