Subject:A Warning

A female announcer appears on the screen following a jingle of the GNN evening news. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen", she speaks in a melodic voice, her smile contrasting shaprly with the words about to be spoken, "In our top news, this network has received a message from our field correspondent." Picking up a small datapad, the announcer reads from it, looking up to the camera from time to time.

"With the escalation of attacks on trading vessels by the Klingon Empire a new threat has appeared to terrorize the galaxy. It is a cloak-capable Galaxy Class vessel that is already responsible for a number of lost lives and an even greater number of sabotage related events. The vessel, named Oxis, is reputedly in control of an independent organization with strong methods, but it is commonly known that the only people who are capable of this form of cloaking (not including Dominion cloaking technology which is different from this signature) is the United Federation of Planets. A strict pact is keeping this faction from using the still untested technology in service, a pact with the Romulan Star Empire.

"Indeed, the reports that Oxis is not affiliated with the Federation are already getting old. More and more people in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants believe that it is, indeed, a secret Federation vessel used for their own acts of terrorism that can escape justice by being declared 'foreign' to the UFP. This explanation seems to be most favored by the Romulan Star Empire that is slowly accusing the Federation of breaking the treaty... with the record of breaking alliances speaking poorly of the Federation with regards to the Romulans.

"In fact, a number of Romulan vessels have already been ammasing on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone, all in battle formations and fully equipped with shock troops. A war seems imminent... a war which the Empire is awaiting with pleasure, unless some proof can be given to the identity of Oxis. That proof must be delivered soon, and if believable, the extermination of the owners of this catastrophe is wanted by the Empire. There are no alternatives."