Subject:Attacks on the Cardassian Union

The show you are watching has been interrupted by a special news report.  The GNN news logo appears on the screen then is replaced by a Vulcan anchorwoman.  Her voice is calm, showing no emotion when she announces.  "We have just recieved a message from the Cardassian Union which we will now present to you, the viewers."

A large symbol of the Cardassian overtakes the screen.  Seconds later, it is replaced by the image of a Cardassian standing behind a podium.  He stands tall and when he speaks, his voice is quite deep and authoritative.

"This is Legate Sulnar of the Cardassian Union.  Recently, we have become the target of the United Federation of Planets and its allies.  I am here to tell you that this has not been, or will it, be tolerated!"  he pauses for a moment before continuing.

"Approximately nine days ago, the Klingon Empire sent a B'rel-class warship to spy on the Cardassian Union.  It was destroyed over Bajor, one of its crew being capture.  The Klingon was killed in an escape attempt after several days of interrogation.  This attempt was a failure.  And, then there was Rear Admiral Pitrick of Starfleet.

Vosh Pitrick was arrested after he attempted to incite a riot on Bajor.  As well, he assaulted and tried to myrder a Cardassain official.  His charges are many.  One of which is Espionage.  He is currently being held on Bajor pending a trial.  The date has not been set yet, however, he is guilty.  Yet another attempt by the United Federation of Planets to destroy whosoever does not ally themselves with them.

We will not tolerate these attacks on our Union and its members!  We will use force if need be to protect what is ours!  Do not interfere with our way of life or that of the Union's members.  If you do.." he leans over his poduim slightly and looks into the camera and announces "You will suffer the consequences of your actions!"  The screen turns black.

The anchorwoman comes back on the screen and comments "That os ine emotional Cardaasian, is it not?"  She then ends the broadcast and the show you were watching progress.