Subject:Pirate attack at Hellesport

      "Terrorism.." A firm business-like female voice echoes over a dark screen. The screen suddenly fills with light and an ominous tune flows from the speakers. Turning just slightly an attractive female peers forward, her dark eyes accented by an exact smattering of make-up, not a hair out of place. She gives a firm nod, cleavage visible from her respectful attire.

      "Terrorism was tonight's theme at Hellesport station." A faint pause before continuing, "Earlier this evening PanHelles pirate vessels attempted to seize Hellesport station from its Ferengi owners. When the Ferengi refused to surrender the pirate vessels open fired." Behind her four heavy warships can be seen, firing weapons at a Delta2 class Starbase. "Hellesport was able to fend off the first assault. Reports then indicate that PanHelles overrode the Hellesport com systems and sounded an evacuation.." The scene behind her now shows small escape pods detaching from the station itself, "..only to open fire directly upon the civilian escape pods." A close up the warship firing, and then the screen goes black. She clears her throat then, giving a sad shake of her head, "The Ferengi Trade Alliance has the following to say."

      A small window appears in the corner of the screen, and then expands, a plump Ferengi gazing forward. His features droop suddenly, "The Ferengi Trade Alliance is an alliance of merchants, not warriors." He speaks in a gravely voice, "However, to allow one successful pirating act is to open the doors." He shakes his large lobed head, "The Ferengi Alliance sends its condolences to the families of those who had been lured into escape pods only to be fired upon by PanHelles. Reparations will be sent out, to ease the burden. The Ferengi Alliance, and its allies, has placed a boycott upon all PanHelles trade. We urge others to do likewise! To do business with PanHelles is to give them the power to pirate future industries and kill more innocent lives! This cannot be allowed. We urge a galactic-wide boycott and have arranged for the families of those lost to file a class-action suit against the corporation. The businessmen of the Alpha and Beta quadrants will stands for such corrupt practices no more! We only wish that measures had been taken sooner. The Ferengi Alliance offers its condolences, reparations will be made." The Ferengi looks down and the screen darkens.

      The Female reappears, looking to the camera, "The Ferengi Trade Alliance has opened a non-profit fund for those wishing to contribute and ease the burden upon the families of those who died due to PanHelles' assault upon the escape pods. Information on how to donate is below.." directions appear in bold letters below her. "Ferengi lawyers have agreed to represent the class action suit free of charge. The United Federation of Planets, champion of peace and opposition to such atrocities, is suspected to lend its aid in this matter. More as it develops. Good day." The screen goes dark, and programming continues as scheduled.