Subject:Dominion performs daring rescue of RSE prisoners

Details at this hour are still sketchy, but it seems that a Dominion strike team has liberated several Romulan prisoners being held by the UFP in connection with the vas'Hatham incident.  Sources on Earth told me that three Jem'Hadar beamed down, disabled Starfleet Command's forcefield systems, and evacuated the prisoners from the brig.  As they attempted to flee the building, however, they were confronted by several Starfleet and Klingon officers.  A short but intense battle ensued, involving the appearance of at least one changeling who had been posing as a Starfleet officer.

A Jem'Hadar was killed, and at least one Starfleet officer and one Jem'Hadar were wounded.  At some point, a Jem'Hadar armed a gas grenade and threw it into the fray, causing all involved to flee for safety.  The gas was too fast for them, however, and most of the combatants succumbed to it, falling unconscious.  When the Federation and Klingon officers awoke, they found that the Romulan prisoners, the Jem'Hadar, and the changeling were gone, and a scan of the system indicated a Dominion cruiser leaving at high warp.  Several Klingon ships gave chase but were unable to keep up with the fleeing Dominion ship.

More details as they become available.  This is Roger McDonald for GNN.