Subject:USS Intrepid Aids Freighter

In other news ..

Responding to an emergency call from Federation Traffic Control, Starfleet dispatched its once-classified USS Intrepid starship to aid a disabled freighter.

The freighter, the UTG Senshi, had an undetermined warp drive malfunction near the Heugoran Nebula.

The Intrepid is currently in the process of being refit, and the only two items currently operational were the ship's new warp engines and the tractor beam assembly.

"The systems worked well, this rescue mission was a good test of them," said Admiral Conrad Johnson, in charge of the refit operation on the Intrepid.

Admiral Johnson would not comment on how long until the public sees the new Intrepid. Sources say that it could be up to two weeks to a month yet before the ship is ready for active duty again.

GNN News, Earth.