Subject:[Richards: New President!]

From:     Richards
To:       *UFPAnnouncements
When:     2:35 pm, Monday, November 20, 2000
Subject:  New President!

The Federation Council today met to complete the vote for President of the Federation.  The meeting has taken place behind closed doors for several hours, but we now have word that an announcement is forthcoming as to the results.   As you all likely know, the three candidates are: Current President Harmon, Ambassador Sanuk of Vulcan, and Delegate Anuhti of Andor.   All three candidates have a ...wait! we're getting word that the announcement is coming.  Let's go to the Council Press Room in Paris, where Delegate Martin of Earth is preparing to speak.

A tall, elderly Terran female steps up to a podium and begins to speak:

"Today, the Federation Council convened to conduct the final vote for President of the Federation.   Final arguments were heard from each of the three candidates and all were most impressive.  The final tally was sixty-three percent for Ambassador Sanuk, twenty-two percent for President Harmon, and fifteen percent for Delegate Anhuti.   The Council would like to thank President Harmon for his excellent service in a difficult time.   However, we feel the time has come to move forward toward a more moderate platform.  We shall work in cooperate with the major factions in the galaxy to preserve the peace that has been built.  I thank you."

Well, there you have it.  President Sanuk.   Political pundits agree that his platform will be quite moderate balance the needs of peace and protecting the interests of the Federation.   Given that he served as Vice President under President Kyle Richards in the past, we feel that Sanuk's administration will be much like that of the former President Richards.  As of this time, we have no word on how this might effect the position of the current Fleet Admiral.  We are also receiving word that President Sanuk will deliver his first address within four days time.   As always, FNN will be your source for any further breaking news.   Good day.