*The HNN logo breaks onto the screen, trumpeted with musical fanfair and flashy graphics. The words 'SPECIAL REPORT' flashing in the center of the communique. The image fades to a female bolian wearing a black dress.*

"This is Rhodina Ferrinberry reporting from Hellesport Station where station administration seems reluctant to talk about the summit that Klingon Chancellor Krotoc had suggested." Rhodina tilts her blue head just slightly as the camera angle changes. "Gim Palmer is standing by in the press room with more details."
The screen fades to a tall terran in the largely populated and frenzied press room. "Thanks, Rhodina... Here's what we know about the sitatuation so far. The Governor's office has confirmed that it has been in contact with the Chancellor but it won't confirm what the communication has been about. We also know that Governor Sare has ordered all of the station's departments to undergo miliary preparedness exercises and that workers have been busy in the last several weeks repairing the docking ring to full capacity. You'll recall, Hellesport's docking ring has been out of order for several months-- previous administration not willing, or not able to get it fixed."
The split screen comes back as Rhodina breaks in with a question, "Gim, Governor Sare hasn't been in office for more than two weeks. What's the mood like with this new administration?"
The Terran reporter nods affirmatively, "In the few press meetings that Governor Sare Jillian has led, she's made it very clear that she's here to clean up Hellesport and she's not going to take dirt from anyone. She's laid out a very clear goal to her staff and she's advised all of them that they are replaceable." He clears his throat, "We do know that Governor Sare has a history of getting things done. Improving general station operations and increasing security seems to be her strong points."
Rhodina taps her fingers on the anchor desk as she retorts, "The station's military preparedness alert-- there's been no word about that at all?"
The press reporter fills up the screen once again as he shakes his head, "Rhodina, the one thing we've manage to find out is that all the departments /are/ going through emergency procedures-- including battle preparedness and evacuation-- no one's been able to confirm exactly why. Speculation around the station is that security is trying to be whipped into shape in preparation for the peace summit, but until the administration confirms that, it's making people a little nervous around here."

The announcer's voice breaks in, "This has been an HNN Special Report." The screen fades to the Hellesport News Network logo before breaking into a commercial for Madame Mozique's adult escort service.