Subject:News from the UFP

As the daily newsbroadcast continues, a new topic commences.

The animated insignia of the United Federation of planets is presented before a single male anchor appears. The young man - an appearently recent staff addition - is positioned within a large courtyard just outside starfleet's academy. Things appear unusually quiet in this specific area; no doubt the reason why this site was granted prefererance over the more common counsil backdrop. Another irregular trait of the imagery is probably the FNN logo displayed proudly in the topleft corner. A few hesitations after this the man begins to speak.

"Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of the known galaxy. Today we cover starfleet headquarters where a peculiar event took place just moments ago. Rear Admiral Simkin Coren, one of two direct attachee's to the Fleet Admiral, was demoted to the rank of Captain and ordered to assume command of R&D's latest design. This ship, the USS Sovereign, will soon undergo it's official maiden voyage and begin final shakedown procedures. The new Captain only had this to say."

The left corner now features a snapshot of the officer which dynamically resizes to fullscreen. Shown is only the man himself, by now of middle age. He speaks calmly although the fragment seemingly captured him mid-sentence.

(...) "I merely wish to stress that this decision was in the end mine in it's entirety. My sudden promotion into the brass was a war-time measure. The necessity for an in-action flag officer has faded away and thus I see no reason to maintain this breach of protocol any longer." (...)

Caught in an awkward position the man's image freezes and is replaced once again by the anchor.

"Naturelly this is only the so-manniest quirk in Mr. Simkin's curriculum. Some time ago there was already some turmoil over his sudden reinduction as Commander from civilian status. We additionaly obtained the following coverage from the fleet's public relations."

With a sudden chirp the viewscreen flickers and shows the typical galaxy-class ten forward lounge. Upon a small pedestal stands the former Rear Admiral before a gathering of the officer staff and aside a single other officer: a captain. Eyes glancing now and then unto a small datapadd in his left hand he speaks - a modest smile evolving.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you today in a manner of gratitude. For several years I have served aboard this ship, first as an excecutive, now as a commanding officer. And during this period I have experienced many of the sides representing the federation. We have remained true to our nature of exploration and diplomacy. And we have seen war. And during this time we have stood together and regardless of outcome I experience such as victorious.

"Yet even more important than this all we ourselves have evolved. And so as to constitude this fact so have I. I will part from most of you this day yet I am honoured to have served with a crew such as yourselves.

"Thank you.

"Computer, transfer command of the USS Hood registry NCC-80104 to Captain Simms."

The anchor returns with a mere, "Back to the studio." and reemerges into darkness.