Subject:Ferengi military ships engage unidentified craft

Just moments ago, GNN received confirmed reports that several Ferengi military ships engaged a pair of unidentified craft near the junction of Ferengi and Federation space near Risa. Details are sketchy at this time, but we can tell you what we do know: Two of the unidentified ships engaged two Ferengi War Cruisers. One of the unknown ships was destroyed, the other was heavily damaged, and both Ferengi ships were obliterated. The possibility of survivors does not look good. This dramatic video footage was recorded by an independent vessel in the area before it too was destroyed.

*Two massive black ships drop out of warp, visible only from the stars which they block out of the background. A small trade vessel is in close proximity. Half a minute later, two Ferengi War Cruisers drop out of warp, raise shields, arm weapons, and hail the unidentified starships. Several seconds later, both of the black ships fire some kind of disruptor weapon at the lead Ferengi vessel, collapsing its forward shield, then fire torpedos. The Fernegi ship changes course and accelerates, causing the six torpedos to impact primarily on the port and dorsal shields. Both Ferengi ships return fire, striking the lead unidentified ship but not collapsing its shields. The black ships change course to cover the transport, and fire again, this time breaking through the first Ferengi ship's port shield. The ship vents plasma and careens out of control. The remaining Ferengi ship empties its entire weapons store at the first of the black ships, breaking through its forward shield and causing some kind of chain reaction which destroys it. The remaining unidentified ship and the Ferengi ship exchange fire again, with the Ferengi ship getting lucky and blowing through the black ship's shields before getting hit with a final barrage of torpedos. Finally, the ship moves to finish off the Ferengi and fires torpedos, but the Ferengi manage to fire a full load of torpedos before being destroyed, heavily damaging the target.*

*The ship limps back to the transport and waits for a moment before the transport craft warps off. Then it begins a quick sweep for survivors, and blows the escape pods away, then drops a mine in the debris of its dead companion before going to warp. Seconds later, the mine detonates, obliterating the debris from the fallen ship.*