To:*UFPAnnouncements and *Galactic-Enquirer
Subject:UFP President's Press Conference

A tall, austere terran male, recognizeable as United Federation of Planet President Harmon steps up to a podium bearing the UFP's seal.   After a brief smile and wave to the assembled press, he begins to speak:

"Greetings to the citizens of the Federation and of the galaxy.  Ealier today the Federation has taken another step toward a lasting peace.  My special envoy and the Tholian Ambassador have agree to terms that will bring peace between the Federation and the Tholian Assembly.   I will not go into the terms of the treaty, as they have already been accurately relayed by GNN sources already.   In closing, I will repeat to all that this administration is committed to forging a lasting peace in this galaxy and we will go everything in our power to achieve it.  I will now take a few questions from the press...."

Question-"Mr. President, is it true that the special envoy was former Vice President and Starfleet Admiral Sanuk of Vulcan?  And if so, is it true that you are so displeased with his aggressive handling of negotiations that you will not allow him to represent your government in the future?

Answer-"I will confirm such as the identity of my special enjoy, and I wish to thank him for his efforts in this matter.  However, I will not comment on future negotiations.  Next?"

Question-"Is it true that you have reprimanded Fleet Admiral Richards for his support of Sanuk's aggressive stand in the negotiations?"

Answer-"Starfleet personnel records are not public information, therefore, I cannot comment on that question."

Question-"Well, is it true that your actions are related to the fact that Admiral Richards may choose to run against you in the upcoming elections?"

Answer-"I'm afraid that I have no more time for questions.  Good day."

With that, the Federation President walks off the stage.