Subject:Tholian Fleet Departure

Appearing upon the screen is the spinning symbol of the GNN Network News Service, softly after it is replaced by a smiling anchor, hands folded before him atop a smooth, gray, desk. Nodding his head, his lips parting, he proceeds to address his audience.

"Greetings, today we bring you the galaxy's top and latest story. It appears that after several months of dangerously high tensions between the Tholian Assembly and the United Federation of Planets, a resolution has finally be reached. The details are sketchy, yet, from the data presented to GNN, it seems the that Federation has conceded to certain number of the Tholian's terms. Firstly, we have been told to inform the two quadrants that the neutral space which had existed between the current Tholian and Federation border is now to be recognized as a Tholian-Federation neutral zone. Furthermore, we have been warned by the Ambassador for the Federation, Sanuk, that any ships entering this zone may be dealt with by the Tholian Assembly without interference by Starfleet. This appears to include, and be specifically focused towards, non-aligned vessels." Pausing for a moment, to catch his breath, the anchor glances down at a datapadd he has before him, scanning it briefly before continuing, "Lastly, as if the Tholians weren't isolated enough by these new, and agreed to it seems, terms, one third of the Federation's space, closest to the Tholian border, is now no longer allowed to have more than five of Starfleet's vessels in it at a time. If this number exceeds five, the Federation apparently is inviting an attack by the Assembly." Drawing quiet, a slight brow being raised at this peculiar arrangement, the anchor finally closes with the following statement, "GNN remains unaware of all of the terms agreed to during the tense negotiations between the Federation and Tholian Assembly. It remains unclear just how much was compromised, and just how much was surrendered. One thing, however, is for sure. The Tholian ships seen upon the Federation border have departed. We close tonight, with images taken by the USS Intrepid, of their leave."

Fading to black, the screen seems to display the starry reaches of space. Gradually the camera appears to draw outward, zooming into a panoramic view as it displays countless Tholian vessels slowly turning about. Made of a crystal-like material, though known to be tuff and extremely sturdy, ripples become visible in the fabric of space as they push forward. Suddenly, as if someone had punched a hole into reality itself, transdimentional portals appear to open everywhere, great green rifts, allowing the Tholian fleet to depart through this means of transportation. Behind, they leave the Federation fleet upon its border, presumably watching it from afar, awaiting patiently its withdrawal or the need to attack.

Once more, soon after the scene above concludes, the screen fades to black, the transmission ending.