Subject:Cardassian Reponse to UFP Threats.

The symbol of the Cardassian Union appears on the viewscreen while a voice over announces  "And now a statement from the Cardassian Union regarding the recent threats of war made by the United Federation of Planets.  Speaking on behalf of the Cardassian Union is Legate Rotek"

The CU symbol fades away to reveal a podium upon a stage.  Heads of different races can be seen at the bottom of the scrren.  Behind the podium stands Legate Rotek.  He begins to speak, his voice calm, not showing any concern in his voice tone.

"Beings of the galaxy, it saddens me and my people deeply that the United Federation of Planet once again threatens to put our two governments at war once again.  Thus, I must give an account of the events that took place, and perhaps clear up some details that you may not be aware of.  We recieved some information that revealed a hiiden Maquis base on Agraia II.  So, we needed to check out this information, and as quickly as possible, before any more inicend lives were taken by this group of terrorists.  So tes, we did send some military personel to investigate.  We fired two minimally armed missles at the specified locatopn once we were sure there were no civilians in the area, and as the shots struck their target, a distress signal was sent to a renegade Bajoran ship stating that the Maquis base on Agraia II was under attack.  And, the signal was traced back to the location we had just bombed.  So, we started our assault.

"When the Federation arrived, we asked them for help on destroying this threat, but it was they who would not cooperate.  We gave them the co-ordinates of the base, but they did nothing but threaten us.  So, we continues the bombardmant alone.  Now, we are making sure that the threat has been eliminated.  That is what happened in the Agraia system."  He pauses for a moment, and then continues to speak.

"Federation, if we leave the Agraia system, let it be known that we did so because our investigation will be complete, and not because of your idle threats.  We do not want war.  But, we will not tolerate constant threats from the /peacekeepers/ of the galaxy!  Do not say you have diplomatic channels open to us when you have people waiting to kill us at the first chance they get!  And _please_, do not say you want peace and use threats to acheive it!"  He slams his hand down on the podium as his voice takes on a strong tone of anger.  "One day, United Federation of Planets, your threats will wear thin, and you will be running away and licking your wound like wounded animals when those you have threatened are finished with you!"  He then pauses and takes a deep breath and continues,  "U thank you all for attending this press conference, but it is time to draw to a close.  Thank you for your time."

The Cardassian exits from view of the camera.  The Cardassian Union then replaces the pressroom, and after a few minutes, the symbol fades away.