Subject:[Pitrick: UFP Press Release]

From:     Pitrick
To:       Pitrick and Richards
When:     3:03 pm, Friday, December 24, 1999
Subject:  UFP Press Release
<The screen fades to reveal the glowing symbol of the United Federation of Planets, which in turn, fades into a curtain backdrop, supporting the same symbol, and a brown wooden podium in front of it.  The camera pans to the side and follows a middle aged man as he walks in front the side of the stage and stands at the podium, after a short moment, he begins to speak.>

"People of the Galaxy, as most of you are aware, the Cardassian Union has blatantly disregarded our earlier agreed upon cease-fire, by entering the demilitarized zone, and bombarding the independent colony world of Agraia II.  After being asked peacefully, several times to return to their side of the border, the Cardassian Union vessels bombarding the planet, continued to do so.  I will not go into detail in the events which transpired, as they have been publicized by the Galactic News Network quite acuratly already.  I come here to give the Cardassian Union an ultimatum.  The United Federation of Planets has continually attempted to resolve this matter peacefully, and without incident, however the Cardassian Union has continually ignored our attempts.  The United Federation of Planets hereby gives the Cardassian Union forty-eight (48) hours, to remove all its ships from the demilitarized zone, and return them to their own, sovereign space.  If they fail to do so without the alloted time frame, we will have no choice, but to assume that the Cardassian Union wishes to nulify our cease-fire and we will act accordingly.  Let it be known, that the diplomacy department is always open to the Cardassian Union, and to any other government for that matter."
"If, after the Cardassian Union withdraws into it's own space, they wish to contact the United Federation of Planets and attempt to organize a joint attempt to remove all Maquis presence from the demilitarized zone, then our lines will always be open for them to do so.  I repeat, for the record, the Cardassian Union has forty-eight (48) hours to remove all of it's ships from the demilitarized zoneand return them to Cardassian sovereign space."

<All the press sitting in the seats in front of the now identifiable President, jump up and try to get their questions answered, but the President turns and walks off-stage.>