Subject:The Hidden Fleet

A long camera shot of the Nelvana system comes to view... so long indeed that the shapes of the Cardassian Galor vessels - out of place in the RSE-UFP Neutral Zone to begin with - are no more than ankh-shaped forms of burnt yellow. Whoever is taping this must be afraid of hostilities and decided to stay way outside the weapons range... thus creating the inferior quality of the recording.

"As hostilities continued between the Starfleet and the Madrasad forces in the Demilitarized Zone, a sudden Cardassian fleet emerged from the Nelvana system. It is not know how the Cardassians managed to shield the Nelvana system from anyone's sensors, and how they convinced the Romulans not to interfere, but any scan of the already infamous sector was met with an anti-scanner wall. The fleet was hidden in the Nelvana system for some time... and it is estimated that it was not yet prepared for the apparent assault it was to launch at the United Federation of Planets.

"So what caused the unprepared Cardassian fleet - that required most likely another 5 days to complete its strength - to leave its hidden abode? And yet the same fleet sailed straight for the Betazed system, catching the Starfleet forces spread out thin on all borders, and allowing the Demilitarized Zone incident detract from the Federation forces available.

"The UFP was definitely not expecting an attack from the Neutral Zone, much less from Cardassian forces. But just when the road to Betazed was open for the Madrasad task force, and just when all the calculations showed that the battle group could sweep over that world and decimate it before anybody would be able to respond, the fleet stopped at the UFP border. It was, after all, unprepared for attack, but it has committed itself to the Betazed lane.

"The standoff that resulted saw the arriving Starfleet vessels pause on their side... taking the Cardassian delay as their precious gift that bought them time. Clearly, it was the Madrasad that provoked aggression there, but it was also Madrasad that took away its own advantage in that assault. Little makes sense to this moment.

"And just when it seemed like another bloody battle would take place at the entry to the Federation space, CUGW Vetar locked onto a suddenly-appearing anomaly. As the anomaly decloaked - forced by the lock - and took shape of a Klingon vessel, the Cardassian fleet withdrew... apparently deciding against uneven odds. And just as they sailed towards Betazed, they sail away now... home."

The specks of yellow that are Cardassian ships pass by Hellesport now... with one vessel moving to rendezvous with the station. The rest continue in perfect formation.

"Clearly, something has occurred - something unknown - that forced the hidden fleet to leave its 'spacial bunker', despite being perfectly hidden and enjoying the advantage of the unexpected. Was it given the remaining 5 days to complete its armament, it would most likely sweep over towards Betazed, with little initial resistance, and with casualties in its wake. The Demilitarized Zone incident could have been a diversion to allow the fleet a last chance of accessing its possibility for a pre-emptive strike... the possibility that ended with the appearance of the Klingons, and the mysterious stop of the CU battle group on the UFP border.

"Perhaps something else... someone else is at play in this intergalactic game of chess. Perhaps the wars, the desires and the fates of nations are not over yet."