Subject:Cardassian Union Actions

<Your screne fades and then lights up with the spinning symbol of the Galactic News Network.  It fades again, to reveal the face of that all too framiliar news anchor for the GNN.>

"Our top story tonight, is yet another story regarding both the Cardassian Union and United Federation of Planets.  As of most stories regarding these groups together lately, it is not a happy one.  It appears that earlier today, a Cardassian war fleet, led by the CUGW Koranak entered the demilitarized zone between Cardassian Union and Federation sovereign space, and headed directly for the Agraia system.  The war fleet, after entering the system began an orbital bombardment of the second planet.  After numerous attempts by Starfleet Command to diplomatically stop the Cardassians, they refused to respond peacefully and continued their attack.  Shortly after their bombardment commenced, a fleet of Starfleet ships entered the demilitarized zone on an intercept course for the Cardassian vessels.  By the time the Starfleet ships arrived on the scene, the planet of Agraia II was decimated.  Although reports are sketchy, we are estimating the death toll in the hundred thousands.  After continued hails between Starfleet Command, operating out of USB Spacedock, and the now Cardassian station Terok Nor, the Federation fleet withdrew back into their territory, for reasons still unknown to us at this time.

<The news anchor is interrupted by a stage hand who rushes up to him and slaps a PADD down on his desk in front of him.  The anchor with a rather surprised look on his face quickly reads the PADD and begins again.>

"This just in, we have received word that two Cardassian war fleets have been detected by one of our news ships departing the Nelvana system in the Rihannsu-Federation Neutral Zone.  It appears Starfleet has attempted to contact the Rihannsu government, but has switched to a secure frequency.  From what our ship can tell, the two fleets have seperated, one is heading directly to the Federation border, with an estimated destination of the planet of Betazed.  The second fleet is enroute to the Cardassian-Federation Demilitarized zone, perhaps to provide assistance to the fleet already stationed in the Agraia system.  A Federation fleet has been dispatched to the Rihannsu border to defend it if the need arise."
"The Galactic News Network will continue to update you on these events as they progress."

<The face of the news anchor fades, to the spinning symbol of the GNN, which in turn, fades to black.>