Subject:RSE and TA Sign an Alliance!

After a series of official meetings on the Hellesport station and perhaps numerous foreign facilities, the governments of the Rihannsu Star Empire and the Tholian Assembly have signed a tight alliance. The details are shrouded in mystery, as it always happens with those two races, and will most likely never be fully revealed to the outside world. However, a military clause was most likely added to the pact.

With this new alliance, the RSE and the TA return to the cooperation they had before the Tholian leave for another dimension. The distance between those two territories is great, but this new move presents a significant strategic change in the galaxy that few can miss. The Tholian Assembly and the Rihannsu Star Empire are on the opposite sides of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Embracing the two territories like that, they grow in strength, military advantage and strategic placement.

No government is available for any comments, and no change in this is anticipated any time soon.