Subject:UFP-FA Incident

The details are still sketchy at the point of the transmission of this report, but according to the preliminary information, an armed incident occurred during the Grand Nagus initial disembark onto the Federation soil. Since the security around the event was tight, questions remain.

It is known, however, that the Grand Nagus was attacked on Spacedock today. The identity or background of the assailant are unknown at this point. It is likely, due to the tight security around the incident, that the UFP has carefully prepared this assassination on the leader of the Ferengi Alliance. The attempt has failed, however, despite it being arranged on Spacedock... which is rather peculiar. The Ferengi delegation and the Nagus have instantly retreated to the FAS Nindraga, as soon as the first shots were sent. To shield their retreat, they released a number of armed Nausicaans, who attacked the Starfleet officers on the scene. The casualties are unknown to us.

Of course, there is a possibility that a third party attempted this murder. How they have done it is beyond speculation, given the security surrounding this incident.

FAS Nindraga has finally escaped from Spacedock, after a rather lengthy delay that would suggest the Federation trying to keep it there. A Klingon Bird of Prey, stationed on Spacedock at the time, was seen cloaking in a spying pursuit of the Ferengi vessel. Nindraga has not, however, left the Federation space. More will be reported as information is available. Outrage from the Ferengi Alliance is already heard.