Subject:Sera Lane Reporting

*The music for GNN begins to play as the logo appears on the screen.  Soon after the camera fades to the view of Sera Lane, GNN Investigative Reporter sitting in the cockpit of a runabout.*

Sera begins speaking, "Hello, and good evening.  As many of you know, I'm GNN's feature field corrispondance Sera Lane, and we've begun our new program 'in the spaceways', an on the road report of the goings on of the Galaxy.  I'm broadcasting to you today from Earth's orbit, some 285 clicks from Spacedock where I have just spent a large amount of time trying to contact the station to get clearance to land on Earth where my broadcast was squeduled to take place.  For whatever reason Spacedock has refused to answer my hails and I am forced to wonder why.  Is it because of my last broadcast to you, detailing some of the problems in the UFP?  Or is it because the UFP wishes to sensor information from the public and infringe on our right to know the truth?"

She shifts in her chair, leaning back some in a rather casual manner, "At first, I had thought that perhaps there was a crisis on Spacedock?" She shrugs indifferently, "I'm sure it happens."  She smiles, "Perhaps there was no one manning the communications console?  Perhaps no one heard that annoying beeping, signalling that a hail was being transmitted?"  She smiles a bit bigger, "Perhaps but unlikely.  You see, as I hailed Spacedock I received an active scan from them, clearly indicating that "someone" was manning the stations.  Certainly I could understand that if everyone onboard was busy they send me a simple "stand by" but to ignore me to ignore you, the viewers. Is simply uncalled for."  She shakes her head, her expression turning serious,  "Perhaps I was having warp core problems, or perhaps I simply needed assistance?  To be ignored by Starfleet in such a way can only further the downhill reputation they've been getting as of late.  I submit to you, that Starfleet is perhaps in more chaos then any of us previously imagined."

She holds up a finger, "So it is here where I sit, waiting for some kind of response from Spacedock so that I may land on Earth and continue my work---".  Just then there is a beeping in the background and over the speakers comes a voice from Earth.

< Pilot's console: HAIL (1) Earth: "GNN ship, this is Earth. Ambassador Horatio speaking. >

Sera looks back slightly and then into the camera, her eyebrow arching, "Well well well" She smiles, "Spacedock doesn't respond but Earth does.  I'll let them wait a bit."

< Pilot's console: HAIL (1) US Shimakaze: My god, They speak?! >

< Pilot's console: HAIL (1) Resolve GDM-114: Yes, but don't use any big words. >

< Pilot's console: HAIL (1) Earth: "GNN Ship, what do you want? >

She turns and pushes a button on one of the consoles, "Well it's about time Earth. I request clearance to land on Earth."

There is a long pause before she pushes the button again, "Earth are you there?" she asks

After another long pause she shakes her head and turns around, "Well" She makes a hand motion, pushing some of her long hair from her eyes, "As you can see, Spacedock isn't the only thing ignoring me today.    I will keep everyone updated with events on Earth as they happen.   Until then, this is Sera Lane reporting."

*The camera fades out*