Subject:Evening News Report

Welcome to the GNN holo-news.

Following the Hellesport Conference, the open hostilities in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants have ceased. In the first few weeks after that momentous agreement, the degree of disorder was high and speculations about future were mudded by lack of reliable data. Now, however, certain patterns emmerge.

The tension in the galaxy is definitely rising. Like a silence before a storm, it is charged with both the unknown and the feared... yet perhaps the storm can be avoided. Nonetheless, most of it centers around the Federation. The Tholian Assembly, still fresh in the quadrant and with a bearly resurrected economy, amassed a large fleet on their border, closest to the Federation space. The fleet is silent, but makes frequent patrols into the neutral territory outside the UFP.

The Cardassian Union, seemingly now occupied with Maquis terrorism, stayed agressive and visibly resentful about their pact with the Federation. Just a few days ago, it was speculated that the two powers would be at war again, but with the statements made by both governments this may be avoided. Time only will tell.

The Maquis are definitely back, but in strangely diminished shape. While never able to challenge the Federation or the Union directly, their fleets now seem thinned out and their supplies gone. No one is sure how this new weakening of the Maquis came about, but the group is now more prone to leading terrorist attacks and stealth action... to compensate for the loss.

The Klingon Empire and the Federation have begun a peculiar trade cooperation designed to lift the economies of both governments from the post-war slump. This move will surely be received poorly by the still silent Romulan Star Empire. The Empire has been reported to have made contacts with the Tholian Assembly, but details in this matter are few.

The Ferengi Alliance has begun a new era of prosperity and economical expansion, and is currently one of the two powers (along with the RSE) with a stable and prospering economy - an economy not weakened by wars, dimensional-travel or war-time expansion. They are reported to be talking to the Klingons about a trade treaty, as well as collaborating with the Cardassian diplomatic corps - Legatsain.

And the Dominion has been driven back to the Gamma Quadrant in a most remarkable sequence of events, that cost lives and more lives. With the wormhole collapsed, all the contact with the Dominion is gone.

Will the Hellesport Conference be remembered as a bringer of peace, or is something else in stock for the galaxy following its closure? No phaser shots are exchanged by anyone, except the Maquis freedom-fighters, but tension is definitely on the rise...