Subject:Cardassian Statement

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                                    ."'  :  '".
                                   '   .---.   '
                                  /    | ^ |__.'\
                                  '. * ' _ '   .'
                                     '. \_/ .'
                                       \: :/
                                        | |
                                       '. .'

As the Cardassian symbol fades from the news broadcast, you can see a male Cardassian standing behind a wooden podium.  His posture is straight, though his face emits a warm smile.  A voice-over announces  "And now a statement from the Cardassian Union.  Speaking on their behalf, Legate Rotek."  The Cardassian clears his throat and begins to speak:

"Greetings, from The Cardassian Union.  My name is Legate Rotek, an emissary to the Cardassian Union."  He pauses for a moment before continuing  "Several months ago, an unfortunate incident between the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union resulted in a war which caused thousands of deaths, and heavy losses on both sides.  I am hear to affirm Ambassador Dae's earlier statement.  The war was a result of miscommunications on both sides, and steps have been taken to make sure that such a horrible situation will not happen again.

"The Cardassian Union value life, and we wish to co-exist with neighbouring governments in a peaceful, and if possible, friendly state.  We hope that the truce between our two governments will be long-lasting, and perhaps one day, become something more.

"At the recent conference on Hellesport, Lt. Commander Mel Joy, a representative for the United Federation of Planets, and myself discussed the importance of our two governments keeping clear of each others' affairs, respecting their space and their ways as long as it does not infringe on the other's territories.  On Behalf of the Cardassian Union, I am pleased to announce that we will respect this agreement.  That is all I have to say for now."  The Cardassian displays a smile and then walks out of the camer's view.  The symbol of the Cardassian Union once again appears as the background fades to black.  In a moment, the broadcast ends.