Subject:Demilitarized Zone Distress Call

At approximately 2000 hours, Hellesport Time, a distress call was heard from the Demilitarized Zone between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets. What would normally be an internal matter between those two governments, was received by many other empires due to the repeated calls of the apparently sensor-blind status of the distress vessel.

It comes to attention that the entire matter has escalated into a stand-off between a Cardassian and a Federation ship. Both of those vessels claimed the right to be the sole party present in the rescue operation. It is unknown at this point what the result of this meeting was, but perhaps the peace between the two governments is not set at all.

Adding to that increased Maquis presence in the Demilitarized zone, and their strangely weakened numbers after the war in which they did not, after all participate, it is an opinion of many that the UFP-CU border is the current danger zone of the galaxy.