Subject:Grand Nagus Visits Hellesport

Yesterday evening, the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance has arrived on the Hellesport station. His appearance created quite a stirr in the landing bay where he and his entourage disembarked. Among those in curious attendance were the Rihannsu of Kiith and Galae, a Starfleet officer, and a Legate from the Cardassian Legatsain - diplomacy. It is known that the Grand Nagus plans to travel to the Federation next, although he has not received a formal reply of welcome yet, keeping this visit still unofficial.

The length of stay on Hellesport by the Grand Nagus is unknown, as are most of his true itineraries. The security around him seems fairly lax, or at least that's what appearances lead us to believe.

Galactic Enquirer