Subject:A Disturbing Report

The camera snaps on and reveals open space. A large planet is visible to the left and behind it a red/pink gasseous nebula is shown. Suddenly, a Maquis fighter zooms into the view from the right, moving at full speed towards the nebula... its shields pounded with burnt-yellow disruptor fire. As the vessel makes its hasty way, two Galor Class warships come into view, announcing themselves immediately as the aggressors - in this scene at least.

Pounding the lesser ship with repeated blasts of their powerful canons, they slowly close the distance to what must be a damaged Maquis vessel. The chase continues, and lasts for approximately nine seconds, before the badly damaged escapee disappears into the nebula. The Cardassian warships slow down and turn around, disappearing in a flash of warp speed.

"Ladies and gentlemen", comes a voiceover just as the ships disappear. "This footage was sent to us by Y'Ridian information traders. It appears that a raid by the Maquis forces was staged today on two areas of the Cardassian Union border. The first was a mock-up attempt to divert the attnention of the Cardassians, and was aimed at the planet Lanazon II, where a Cardassian internment camp is based. The second and real attack was aimed at the McAlister C5 Nebula. That's right, ladies and gentlement, a nebula."

"It appears that the Maquis had good sources to believe that the Cardassians, dissatisfied with the treatment at the Hellesport Conference, amassed a sizable invasion force there once again. Destination - Federation. The Maquis ship's task was to reveal this to the universe. Apparently, according to our Y'Ridian sources, the Maquis were wrong. The nebula was empty, but two Galor Class vessels responded to this intrusion and chased the Maquis fighter deep into the Demilitarized Zone, where it hid in a different nebula."

"The ship foolishly attacking Lanazon II was destroyed, but there was reported no crew on board. It seems that the Maquis are back, although a strange report has it that they are severely weakened after the Federation-Cardassian war. Silent for so long, and not participating in the war, they were expected to come back in full force and molest nearby territories, but their state is said to be quite diminished! The Cardassians have made little comment over the entire issue, save the fact that they will destroy anyone hostile to them and that there is no invasion fleet stationed in any nebula... as you all have seen."

The camera view finally fades and the transmission ends.